blue atlas

field notes (for screen reader)

Introduction and reading of the text

There is a visual animation of circles & lines as a background for the words in this project. The words on the landing page emerge and dissolve into the red, yellow, black & white geometric landscape of the animations. This page maps the symbol-laced original text into something easier for a screen reader to decipher. I am trying to learn more about accessibility. Thank you for your patience as I hone my skills.

The following audio element contains a reading of the text.

The naked text itself

repairman rider passenger lone bird
grass blade dyke (our hero zero rider ze)
left the throng of city depot
arrived alone worn suitcase sandwich lukewarm coffee thermos
tepid brown liquid greasy paper
rusted texaco station folded map
urgent mission
fix the system
repair reclaim rebuild reweave restore
this prairie meadow sequestration
receiver net web electron field short wave thatch
wireless signal code
number station urgent message
change of course
turn back the clock (re)do (red)o stop the gears
throw the switch
turn the helm the wheel the tide the orbit
mend restart retrain reboard rewire
electrify set in motion
animate & breathe
once again repeat again retie retry reweave again
a name uttered speak again
reclaim restore correct
downward glance creased map marked path
radio research building institute
factory platform station
slant rusty hinge door sunlight
spider housings metal glint antenna
vines static deep dark corner silence
vinyl recordings specimen drawers
faded paper census sketchpad marks
lost language fallen angels
frozen role enactments
jukebox score
piano rolls
silent tattered scripts
stored inside this moss bound station
critical to the mission
notes numbers data
handbook manual translation codes
recorded ghost grass chorus
dried pressed limbs reed blade stem seed
circuit diagram equations
this was the morning this was the place
repairman rider passenger lone bird
grass blade dyke (our hero zero rider ze)
arrived on platform wasteland meadow track
worn suitcase sandwich
tepid brown liquid thermos
creased map
compass light
lucky strike
hat axle pocket knife
coins for the boatman
steam engine captain
singer all aboard
ticket agent paper
tin cup beggar thief
electric magnet migrate translate
hero zero suitcase clock map train nomad
boat bird data airbase data cube data curved space
prism lattice fabric timestamp schema graph
reify untie unfold unroll
electric orbit ghost force ether spark
specimen drawer weather static wind-blown number station
solar noise cloud formation storm titration wireless smoke-filled sky
broke ground broke thatch broke net broke flow
telegraph rhizome circuit network junction
flag siren point nutrient carbon tangle
broke ratio physics orbit fixed-point evolution
clue drawer box film parchment vinyl
blood feather stalk beak grass root
paper stamp store mark transect photo record image cell
before axe pick shovel hoe oxen plow
before hard ground was broken
still woven yellow green ticker
tape pulsed code transmission
echo vacuum tube transistor
circuit still electrified
& living
ignite !
the repairman rider passenger lone bird
grass blade dyke (our hero zero rider ze)
looked back
not again before
but before that long ago once upon a long away
far away geologic layered canyon way back
glacial pressed rock far back
urgent mission
rescue resurrection
artifact storage cave recording trace
fossil tooth
once again repeat again retie retry reweave again
a name uttered speak again
reclaim restore
shattered glass cadenza
stop gear
particle wave oscilloscope
rhythm beats tonal frame measure arc
dance score action plan
syntax grammar punctuate
formula method outline theorem proof
silver set of slides
count map pulse
particles of speech
observe measure metric record journal data log
structure filter draw blueprint box
cell lattice web net moth flame
formula physics flow heat
electric gear locomotion transformation
fold reduce fix mend undo redo sew sow
archive find search echo
resonate release
fire ash carbon gone
nothing none empty not
theory of null numbers
vacant absent zero space
theory of sparse matrix
an absence
exponential decline
crash .
holes in the matrix
column row
moth hole black hole
space silence fact
theory of null values
silence of null values
neon vacant blinking light
empty storm-drain alley
cell number table
column thicket
stream set row
coordinates paths city streets
asphalt chess board too-long fair
halogen labyrinth playing cards
row boat row red turnstile coins
subway memory map
the problem of sparse matrices
not known
not values
not join
not tied
not said
empty cells
blank hole gap
knot record
not knot
forget forgot
never known
not filled
not asked
erase erasure
not zero not silence
a lack of air
a lack of mark
missing value(s)
something stolen
not revealed not found
not thought of not dreamed of
not imagined
not lost
not lonely
not a huge hole in the
parameter variable matrix
grid structure thing
observation frame tool
equations models contours
distillation estimation
syntax set domain & range
functional translation
not constrained in columns
not implicit static vertex stone
explicit fluid statement sets
reified relations
the lattice the ladder the sky
queer isocline bent contour curve
topographic skew
blue green florescence rush
wide-hipped hue
the morning light chlorophyll
rubbed blades rain or dew
hush suspended ready electric
whispered static light
slender stem blade & meadow
harmonic structures ladders heavens
tonality ecology dynamics systems weather
synthesis loom radio sky
photosynthetic fusion carbon pool
sequester sequester bury deeper
down & under & soil & fossil & black oil
ink memory frozen fire
this then this a ritual grassland reclamation
action painting action coding
abstract insurrection
repair sound reverberate
thrum thatch call
a bird blade leaf stem
frequency vibration
signal short wave
modulation resonation
radio photo destination
a photosynthesis
transfer raw vertex junction pivot pools
food web weights & likelihoods
circle orbit cycling need
birth growth death decay
de compose release
faint signal pale wave slow current faraway transmission
faded recording
long ago the far away a t-cell twist like this it goes
that jukebox love song jukebox archive jukebox dance song
rusty turnstile chance song billiard dice song co2 roulette
trophic past text particles of speech
trophic cascade light water steam then ghost
corner bar stool
the repairman rider passenger lone bird
grass blade dyke (our hero zero rider ze)
napkin blueprints cipher curves & codes
beer-stained formula calculations configurations
phase plane transformations
trace erosion fragment shadow window time
season shifted local sundial noon-line fragment
blueprint blue light paper pressing
chronometer opacity odometer silent breath grass blade whisper
vapor ghost carbon cycle chlorophyll bone detrital join uptake
weight rhizome tent matrix building frame
dyke blade flame night graffiti gesture neon brandish flight
for each map filter fold list railway table
(off || on 0 || 1)
repairman rider passenger lone bird
grass blade dyke (our hero zero rider ze)
thatch radio signal static dial clock pulse receiver
database of tools
inventory manuscript
shadow cave projection
grassland reclamation
archive parchment traveler rider repairman blade
a solitude of vastness vibrant vertiginous chlorophyll tinged hum
birds insects clouds
young queer slender deer
a glowing noise a unity a collision a confluence
time bends forward leans back
circles like a bird of prey
tensile stem - a cellular conductance
electric neural circuit blood
windswept dream of flight
vessel heart rib & loom
taut sinew vein
a knot a sailor
a sparse insect count
clear windshield
bee by bee sparse matrix
once wild swarm buzz now
a one by one flower hover
sparse set pollen heat
no rain again last night
humidity swallowed by air
no release
dry river dry soil
bucket after bucket carried
cold well (water maps to pasture)
long cold spring & then
heat came with bone not water ||
this vessel this gallery these ribs
a cage
for birds
an absence only lonely
attention swings - an acrobat
an aerial artist
trapeze circus
3-ring digits
clickable texts
shining neon
pawn shop blinking
payday loans
apoplectic news
heavy rain
cast projections
shadows along
interior walls
the mind's
a hollow echo
& white
i mean a
word orbit
suspended minutes
blackhole now-ness
careening weeks
eye of the hurricane
in its stillness
drew in whole
not silence
every morning
heat rises
in this
these bones
polar landscapes
colonists of wind
dust storms
settle the globe
no rain
it was like this
every morning
watering can
metallic echo
pale green
empty hands
vacant skull
repairman rider passenger lone bird
grass blade dyke (our hero zero rider ze)
to deep well
curved heaven
layers walked
blocks & blocks miles & miles
grid traversals railroad shortcuts faster more
pause nap fuel sandwich coffee shelter onward
restless random walk
repairman rider passenger lone bird
grass blade dyke (our hero zero rider ze)
arrived on platform wasteland meadow track
suitcase sandwich coffee thermos
tepid brown liquid greasy paper
folded map
worn matchbook
lucky strike
illumination recitation number sequence radio station
urgent message scrawled location
this was the day the time the place
last chance prairie recitation reclamation
stop the gears bend the tide
stitch mend reweave restore rewind
homeostasis functions script energy production
flows & motion
minerals carbon
produced consumed released
the mill
the body - a federation
web loom constellation
temporary boundary of skin
stoichiometric polyphony
chorus set of strings
chemistry & light
physical traversal
visceral traversal
repeat repeat loop
link pause dwell leap
hypertext state machine
railway navigation
photosynthetic bit flow
binary twist
one zero distance field
microscope telescope
molecular astronomy
infinite between
a hare moves
half the distance
repeat repeat loop
never stop never loss never last measure last chance
last breath last half last step
density tonal lattice
2d telegraph
duration plot staccato rhythm pattern
stochastic cyclone cluster noise chance score
sonic braille morse code stream sound
alphabet word phrase sentence time paper scroll
lattice graph network web tree
link join conjunction semicolon latch hinge
doorway portal pivot junction
conjoin jump
place or point of union
two or more railway lines
junction meet or cross
data modeling ecosystem transcription
contour core motion
stripped down
essential form
arc distilled
line drawn
color form shape
context seed dynamics
phase plane essence
naked mirror silhouette
skeletal moving gears
translation filter
map bait lure tackle
spinning wheel
rapunzel wizard magic fish
chutes & ladders
connection conjunction sentence
purl one
knit one
knot one
sticky spider silk
relations table entry
time stamp seal or wax
transact system
query language
row by row relation
containment category rope bind
fact - hyperspace
a cube an axe
enter retrieve deliver swift
data knowledge reconstruct
reach link traverse
node to node abandon
latch hinge
door subway turnstile entrance arrow
knot connection not reversal
subject verb object stop
food web vertex
consume / uptake / feed / decay
pool to pool transmission
mycorrhiza fungus root
stoichiometric filter map
collision confluence fusion
dissonant echo ripple
fission waves
node to node connection
reified to predicate
a measurement
unveiled revealed made plain
lexicon of relations
linguistics language
shifting drawer
predicate proclaim declare affirm assert
text stream interface
pipeline filter map fold
density of links
connectance metrics
flows & form
web network branch tree graph
extensible modular composable construction
shape shifting flow emergence change
infinite series
calculus of motion calculus of change
physics of angles angels
sound waves light
inflection reflection
convergence to fixed point orbit loop or cycle
convergence to zero
absence silent slope abyss
associative trail path spline index jump
graph traversal heat diffusion fluid flow
night mail railway saturn sky
semantic nets systems frames rules
automated reasoning engines
ontologies schemas
inference machines
classifiers theorem provers
us / them / ze / I
the body plural the collection the ecology of I
constellation tonal set
commutative diagram
vector pillars basis set
fire bison
memex landscape archive
moth flame fuel
what angel whose wings which bird
tightrope perilous torch gas flight
filament neon halogen light
solar spectra halo
semisynthetic polychromatic light
harvest net gap spark
every angel every bird every fire
every light
volcanic eruptions colossal explosive summer of night
cloud of ash eternal winter sky
sublime vastness
clap of thunder
dark sky & rim of light
die cast astronomies astrologers oracles neural net forecast
summary synthesis archive copy
deductions cloudy inference pale sky dusty glass
cloud forest mist
chlorophyll inception resinous extension
oxygen production carbon-bound reduction
transfer bury sequestrate
atmospheric storage
soil archive biomass
sky writes to earth
clouds turn to grass
glass leaf snail fish
bone & soil & log
linear regression
inversion inflection
rollercoaster shift
velocity force change
approach zero
axis of gone the axe
dust bowl prairie loss
handbook of codes (1938 - 4th edition)
corner ledger entry
creased marked stained
unsteady hand page 48
pointer to drawer 89
swiftly culled collection
quickly scrawled notation
hike knapsack specimen
slender tender
sun salutation
pale & rising leaves
slow tango
archer & the doe
deftly spun golden silk
ecstatic synthesis
drawing sky to soil
a rhizomatic broadcast
joyful ode electric pulse
that day the hiker struck & gathered
stamped & scrawled
a description the day
flash drive
cellular recollection
slowly fading
casting of a day
plant companion
pulsing network
etched on vinyl
voice wind chorus meadow chord
a sound restated now
perhaps could permeate the ether
a cast back cellular recording
etched on vinyl record number 43
still intact the voice & windy chordal chorus meadow
vinyl pulsing network
perhaps if sent through radio wave & echo
sound reclaimed restored restated
ghostly sonic vapor could elicit in its hearing
a tender recitation (re)creation reclamation restoration reformation
redemptive grass reenactment transmigration
root-to-root transmission
& a material transfer flux & flow equation
formula calculation run through
wrung through monte carlo iterations
stochastic rinse residue distillations oscillations
chord progressions - rhythmic titrations
an ideal polyphony this vital web
(re)creation would be difficult & risky
repairman rider passenger lone bird
grass blade dyke (our hero zero rider ze)
reviewed the course the notes the goal
clock cycle nutrient cycling handbook codes
algorithms generative recipes diagrams flow probabilities coupled difference equations score
recorder of all things pigeon stone database journal records catalogue
ordered voices trophic chain biome web - a cycle
the goal to roll back first conditions
frames loom gears tangled strands
particles iron flint filing receivers long echo curvatures orbits
compass paths elliptical earth lines sky threads hertzian waves
maxwell electromagnetic radiation spark gap transmission signal smoke
moth-wing chaos cyclone silence thermal currents prairie noise
stochastic resilience robust fractionated adaptable evolving noise
particles beats rhythms frequencies dissonant resplendent symphony
verdant song radar language rubbed wings
quickening pulse through stalk & reed
downward glance creased map old building vacant transmission
radio station cement wire wood vinyl recordings
grass forgotten language roles enactment script score reading glass
stone paper vinyl microfiche transmission reception receiver sensitive
convergent frequencies overlayment sine wave addition sums sound score recording
many languages multiple dimensions C N P frequencies
some below the threshold of hearing
others short fast high all at once
different scales different velocities different currencies materials markets of exchange
it would be hard to put this back together information lost sent number station
codes plurality of transmissions ghost radio
put the sound back put back transects seasonal constellations geometries probabilities
catalysts circulations taut dependencies resilience arithmetics liminal clocks
the eco-polyphonics of all living systems
faded animations faded colors green yellow brown maps to gray
plant specimens stamped time-stamped the walker rider passenger
collector observer marks down weather rain heat cold dry piano rolls
score movement slows to snapshots
pinning clothes recording transects counts
footnotes footnotes footnotes
sets & grass to find the trophic structure
problem of scale reference static object product state
broken rhythm boxed number tables
frozen vertex chalk body outline fixed
time step nutrient cycle handbook of codes
algorithm recipe diagram flow
now back but then not now but perhaps
maybe just || nothing
rectify & join
layers of heaven
threshold probabilities
levels of possible quantum
a lattice lash tied taut
between zero & one
countable rational salt & pepper mesh
or an uncountable irrational sea
unbroken surface
lifetime & extinction
angels birds grassland constellation
seemingly infinite maps to countable
2 (not many)
1 (one maps to zero)
abstraction reduction
trace contour
gears machines efficiency
plow & yoke
breaking ground
carbon cycling
bound flow
tensile vectors
release capture
web cycle graph system lattice
plumes & spills
voices tubes
moths jar
feedback electrical line static
harmonic ghosts
resonating strings
sympathetic rooms
wood wire reed sky
composer ink transmission
naked contour
wood pitch reed membrane breath line
invisible waves harmonic ladder
wire resonance strings chamber
hidden fabric
meadow score
on the afternoon of the 8th day
repairman rider passenger lone bird
grass blade dyke (our hero zero rider ze)
only a bird not a god
only an old sewing machine
treadle & thread
stitch back repair repair
lace prairie weave roots
pump light well bind
animate turn breathe
circulate & mend
carbon cycle
structure function
sink & source
theory of null values
problem of null values
hollow sound
sparse matrix
initial conditions external
parameters landscape weather
bee flower pollen lit pollen wings
parts of speech sets thought
categories cages
language archive (memory tables data pollen noise)
quest voyage counting
physics web grassland sea net trophic ties traveler
repair(*) rider lone bird
grass blade dyke (our hero zero rider ze)
illuminate restore resurrect reweave rebreathe
trophic chain ecosystem length & breadth harmonic series
swings & orbits
collapse & chaos
dynamic state constant flux
climate nutrient cycling community structures evolution
no time now time soon time
how is this night different from all other nights?
short trophic chains
webs constrained
nutrient enrichment enigma
nutrient paradox nutrient cage bind limit
stable state dream fragile balance
weather heat rain flood fire
orbit cycle chaos
hydrogen oxygen - so hard to fuse
weld spark twist
ecosystem metrics gears & struts
evolution adaptation
form(s) of change
why is this night this day this hour this moment different from all others?
stable state equilibrium
set of gears & struts
form change adaptations
choreography mathematics theorems
natural law physics stars
tonal signature nutrient profile
language alphabets symbols
drawing cave drawing sky drawing skull
flux flow rise
difficult to capture
carbon currency
mineral constraint
trophic level
short ladder
polyphony topology
C N P basis vectors
tides light plow
poison shattered
maps fractured
space faster
time spinning
tuning discontinuity fragmentation
multiplicity assemblage blur
distance metrics near / far this-ness
frequency instruments theory
narrow limited constrained
drawer paper file grass specimen stalk leaf root
instrument network transmission system
sensitive antenna chlorophyll swarm
body axes mapped static system structure
food chain length & flow
on that day that hour researcher
lab-coat gatherer archive net bird memory
had the bird sing one last song
(carefully recorded)
after singing breathing trembling casting tonal net
once last sweetly
tender night remembered dawn
the bird the singer was then collected
marked with capture date time label stamp
vinyl voice specimen body bones feather cell lock drawer
more precious for its absence last glimpse species culture
slender threshold beat maps to tone (frequency wave)
particle rhythm synthesis
sea matter light
redfield 1958 strange ratio
woven fabric green &
the bird sang one last song
bird singer song
dated stamped labeled
vinyl voice specimen body bones feather
lock drawer archive ivy building room
the passenger left & wandered to the river edge
tall grass abandoned plot slope tangled bank
electric passenger
feathers against the ripe pale blades & reedy fishers
spark filament poetry orchestration animation
memory storage bank
after 8 days on the 8th day at 3:48
the passenger left the building & wandered
towards river edge past tall grasses abandoned plots
down sloping entangled bank worn burdened electric passenger
lay down feathers against the ripening pale blades & watched
the reedy fishers bent stalks headed trousers folded
pail in hand to shore chlorophyll surging through limbs
pulsing turning in the yellow light
late summer day dusty strands of light
taut against the very ether of air & day
particles stretched into waves cast from far away
circle orb fire dusty filaments tied against
strong limbs drawn nets from sky they pulled
muscled down & in these nets these baskets they
(the wiry reaching stalks) gathered invisible dinosaurs
their bones now atmospheric ghosts
of all released dead matter sources of their gathering
a hallelujah of photosynthetic abandon
a transference a miracle accumulation a sink a
grabbing & bending & forcing deep underground
a conversion a reclamation a redemption
a deep cellar window of light
electricity insight action
poet singer cantor coder
rhythm rhyme repetition
invoke evoke circle
paper poetry storage machine (memory printed symbols space)
spoken textile poet singer living animation
electric insight action text encoded incantation
rhythm rhyme recitation circle invocation
tape magnetic pitch sound frequency modulation
transcription translation voyage
a river a boatman a coin an oar
a knapsack a shortwave radio
receiver transmitter signal
voice frequency on / off
pulse antenna alphabetic
graph glyph string
linear spline space
sequence pages spine spline
approximation map one route
one journey electric geo
route road reenactment context
devoid absent world generating physical
attention listening seeing
gaze cross sensory skull
skeletal memory echo machine
pulse current blood
sinew vinyl gramophone maps to radio
moment (re)creation past time
modulation frequency
(un)synchronize the clocks
architecture of flows
chain web sparse or dense
multi routed multi threaded
brilliance resilience resplendent
abundance complexity
iron glass & noise
weft & warp
4 strings landscape
infinite between
bendable tonality
fretless beast
gravitational pulls
orbit & deviation
delay / echo tape chance
degrees of freedom
boundedness taut net
no map palette arcs
across found sound canvas
spill pour grid
night crow no time graffiti angel
icarus ghost bird
radio pluto
washington avenue
bridge subway warehouse
symphony of metal
concrete & glass
blades grass
blades accordion
sheet music
sheet metal
watches for sale
circus hawker
projected image alley
film alley lamp
shadow night ink
pool found object
theater company sound
foundry sound factory
new polyphony alienation
intersections junctions
friction resolution
chords ropes sails
geographic information systems layers maps
routes destinations
vectors fields pixel web join caught number cells facts
dense matrix
sparse sky
city of sleep city of masks city of subway & turnstile
too close stand back headlights
tracks nyx boat coin chaos birds
stain permeate imprint drench spill
illuminate transcribe prime stretch nail
theater of the very small theater of passions theater of stairwells
theater of windows of doors of bus stop shelter of boat of wind of oar & effort
railway roadway highway meadow
this place this platform this vacant
iowa small tool shed top hill grave field
field notes double reed hollow log
breaking hard ground
thatch root millennia ruptured disrupted
buffalo fire & the fire tenders
lace boots & maps to functions of lists reduce / fold filter map
irretrievable calculation distillation contours
physics of oars physics of rope & gears
physics of taut independence bound inter dependence
cycling time flow graph calculus of change & motion
tangents & intersections flux weather elements wind
there exists an x a y a maybe just nothing
suppose this
not silence exactly
particles of speech particles of sound particles of exchange
molecular transfer diagrams schema ontologies syntax relations
punctuations blank space lines unfolding hollow tunnel echo static dial
encode translate transform (re)cover uncover reverse
verb maps to noun maps to past tense
neural net language drip radio wave resilience
co2 maps to biomass maps to soil
the deep & tangled dark sea horizon wind sail blades of grass
sky to earth to text texture textile
physical laws governing theorems systems form & function
n-body species interaction multi lingual multi scale stoichiometric
molecular spectral choral networks
multiple frame rates multiple scales projections synchronized moments colliding
separating departures arrivals hydrology of energy & material & landscape & time (clocks)
meeting at a time at a table in a cafe in a town on a specific day
a moment specific coordinates
exchange of goods voyage of goods transference encounter
chance the niche habitat fractal niche
harmonic series resonating sympathetic vibrating stable tonal isotopic
ladders chutes pipes circuits
currencies carbon nitrogen phosphorous rain
ladders pipes circuits energetic exchange system currency commerce
transformation conversion manufacture of material information transmitted
synthesis of data production efficiency nutrient use economy
intelligence craft gears assembly pipelines factories blueprint
conservation of energy expenditure of energy conflagration carbon
coal bones oil organics drilled excavated broken harnessed released
goal - a net for capture seismograph of wind knowledge graphs monads
cybernetics books boat numerical recipes algorithms formulas dictionaries
structures grammar syntax dynamics choreographies
configurations changes chord progressions
harmonic sets heterotrophs producers fungal nutrient pools
weather self-organizing clockworks
a computing machine gears the mail a cloth
checkerboard abacus a network of relations
attracting orbit counting mapping computing
navigation a compass the ocean
a sailor ropes & tackle wind & helm
it was like this every morning
every night
every afternoon
every hour every day every particle every sweep
of hand every nuclear click digital + &
watches for sale for locomotion
for steam oil coal crash
knapsack traveler nomad grazer quest pollinator pathways routes
corridors migrations disrupted interrupted poisoned clock stop last page
extinction countable few zero gone
fragmentation no chute no ladder no path no way through over under
bridge collapsed railway fallen circuit broken echo dulled
tape erased
invisible map red-sky morning red mourning red warning
self assembly
the art of
steering listening
reception feedback
fluidity response
count back count back
systems cognition circuits learning emergence flux flow
code embedded deep in cell in memory in twisted strands an alphabet a code
memory motel memory text textile knots
memory prayer memory fair memory microscope
counted collected collated stored
clouds the cloud circuits wireless
electromagnetic flux & flow electron tubes & spark knots & tables columns & graphs
syntax vowels & minerals rhythm transactions exchange
elliptical pathways
orbits sea of memory navigation colliding waves
across along coordinates path road
vast space rope
re-listen record past voice wind grass bird
a re enactment an inhabitance embeddedness
past landscapes topologies geologies cellular matrix
diorama of exquisite detail alive stilled waiting silent
animate breathe illuminate turn the rusty gears wind the clock
alternating currents push zero pull rise level fall accelerate
pivot turn tangents of rest inflections
oars a boat receiver transmission
copper wire & air release the signal like icarus to sky
earth surface invisible tracks
1906 triode tube (last voice)
sensitive receiver - electromagnetic waves
ocean of chatter information signals beats sound
modulate frequencies cathode ray relay amplify
resonate signal expansion dial tune voice
spider silk taut web spinning affixed to slender stalk
root stem leaves flowerhead
culm (blade & sheath) inflorescent splendor
honored listeners present & absent today (yesterday)
honored receivers future reception
audion circuit
grid-leak detector diode || grid maps to cathode
regenerative form
telephony radio talking newspaper
text maps to speech maps to signals maps to waves maps to recording maps to radiation maps to distillation
electrons through a vacuum wireless body-less
space without a filament without a spark without a fire
morse code maps to speech maps to music maps to flight
thermionic emission liberation
electrode release electron temperature (heat maps to leap)
thermal energy maps to charge carrier material work function catapult trapeze
electromagnetic waves through a gap maps to light
electromagnetic fields are a filament not a plow
radio frequency identification of goods
markers of heat of movement
supermarket radio
carbon isotope detection trophic code
visceral magnetic gravity pulse
arterial electrical currents light
static noise
the message
metal surface heat
thermoelastic bend & flow
ions eons millennia
vinyl disk
labeled iron shelf
dustlit volume
dancehall volume
phonograph telegraph
microscope observatory tiny vial
tiny xylophone tiny ribcage
tube maps to transistor cathode ray tube
raster digital pixel knowing
language drawing vector contour lost
cloud of pixels probabilities clump densities likelihood noise
boltzmann entropy analogue encoded signal computation
digit swarm translation
literature science novel science poetry science
narrative past text pollination
picture science syntax metaphor diagram
divine static steady state
mythic science
evolving ever changeful circle science
taut self-organizing orbit science
geometric atmospheric light nitrogen
nutrient profile adaptation
mineral light weather water
vial drop science
torn curtain broken window chaos science
skull telescope
recorded playback frame
incomplete phonetics
extinct past taxon gap
cipher thrivance teeming whole
an awkward re assemblance
blank missing vertex node
absent click track metrics scale & score
archive junk drawer weather babel chaos din
vinyl recordings musical notations
frequencies harmonics rhythm velocities
charges changes coupled difference equations
probabilistic time series snapshots samples pressings indices
the symbols were known but the phonetics were lost
the clocks were out of phase
pulse & counting skew
breathe animate spark
pollination proliferation mineralization
green pigment chlorophyll carbon water weaving milling spinning
oxygen energy light
moment ratio cello ratio orchestra ratio choir ratio grassland ratio
wetland ratio ocean redfield ratio broken stick vibrating string
eigenvalues slanted towards instability collisional cycling
lack of continuance certain chaos
queer nonlinear signal skewed
incompatible not computable indecipherable inscrutable
interval of change flux charge exchange transition evolution dynamics
flow bifurcations unbound untied
sudden cloud break asymptotic stable stillness center
an orbit a continuance a vector field exuberance
neon vibration computation geologic carbon spilled across the sea
deep beneath the surface roots shredded ancient bones past sink store archive lock
zero hero carbon sink pivot tangent steady drop
cloud upside down root sequestration
stop hold bar block this avalanche of loss
skeleton machine skull writing ceiling wailing keening siren howl feedback broken
wire cricket friction klezmer waltz reed membrane wind bone mallet hollow stem
a regiment of meadow
circus tent swirling dendrite dervish dance cybernetic helm storm mast mass
sunless subway depth
horsepower wind dams & mill harness velocity reactant
nutrient use production efficiency industry! rhizome microbes bacteria
soil rushes moss wing drawers files books tape press type ink compression & encodings
digital transcriptions vinyl pressings drawings equations journals samples collections bodies
filaments antenna wing skull vertebrae jaw hand stalk leaf flower pollen
route cellular trace remnants residue
film plaster fossil cave ochre & charcoal forms contours the hunt the relation the web
pins papers stamp data survey study researcher walking catching pulling recording retrieving
net knapsack bullet glove transect count map compare average mean value
variation noise signal caught taxonomy of system observation of change
record function deduction of web
fires wind walls cross the plains
siberian methane craters epoch ice mass glaciers melted
carbon water torrents spew
glaciers plastic castles plastic wasteland acid death zone
tsunami mass breadth depth force physics
pandemic fascist prisons state-blue murder
homeless ghosts plywood window
cafe stalled railways vacant buslines
emergency crisis full wards breathless death
hunger walks through newsprint clickbait
advertisement-laced bad news
devastating news unprecedented news every-day cataclysmic criminal leader news
felon leaders moloch leaders consuming leaders devouring leaders marrow sucking leaders
maskless faithless villains bearing flags & spewing venom
& citizen knapsack bandaged wanderers
greasy coughing last-legs diner masked ghosts
why is this day unlike any other day?
this moment this view this inflection bending curve like no other
or why is this day like an other once upon a time dinosaur last-day meteorite explosion
dusty smoke-filled orange sky
start again empty chalkboard
wound tape deck of cards
blank recording unpressed vinyl unengraved metal open cave
an equation computation restoration symphony
incantation animation last stop grassland texaco station
origin of species perfect ratio entanglement bank fragile web steady state
forever abundant resplendent frictionless eternal energy oxygen machine
repairman rider passenger hero (ze)ro lone bird
the blade the dyke the bird (our hero zero rider ze)
arrived on platform wasteland meadow track
worn suitcase sandwich coffee thermos
tepid brown liquid greasy paper
creased map
compass light
lucky strike